ArithMath: Step-by-step Maths

Best App for children of all ages to self-learn the fundamentals of Arithmetic: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division and become a Master of Numbers !!!

ArithMath is uniquely designed based on school curriculum for Mathematics and best teaching standards adapted by school teachers all around the world. We provide educative & fun platform to learn step-by-step approach for solving simple to complex problems, without a need for sheet of paper or tutor.

FREE practice mode to learn all essentials of arithmetic operations and solve unlimited number of Math problems comprising of two-digit numbers with/without carry-overs for addition, borrows for subtraction and more… Plus, FREE starter worksheets to test addition problems.

We offer 3 progressive learning methods to strengthen the Math foundation through:

Practice Mode

Intuitive approach to learn and practice the steps for solving arithmetic problems of all complexities.

Worksheet Mode

Best way to challenge children’s mind and test their learning progress through configurable worksheets.


Easy to track the budding master’s learning curve viz. Accuracy, Time Taken and more...

No need to join expensive after-school programs to learn arithmetic operations and receive worksheet assignments. Through ArithMath, you will definitely notice the remarkable progress in approaching a Math problem and accurately solving it.

Why should solving Math problems be hard? Simply try ArithMath and increase the numeracy skills!

Unique Features

  • Single App to learn and practice the vital concepts of arithmetic operations:
    • Addition: First step to start Mathematics with single digit addition and progress towards sums with carry.
    • Subtraction: Best way to learn the concepts behind minus operation and master subtraction problems which require borrow from near-by digits.
    • Multiplication: Progressively train from basic single digit multiplication to complex four-digit multiplication.
    • Division: Step-by-step approach for division problems with/without remainder.
  • Rich and intuitive user interface with easy configuration options for:
    • Complexity type of Math problems to be generated.
    • Number of digits in the problems with support for numbers from 0 to 9999.
  • No predefined set of answers to guess from. Easy to use answer boxes are provided to stepwise solve and enter the solution.
  • Practice mode to learn the step-by-step approach for solving simple to complex arithmetic problems.
  • Generate worksheets with customized number of problems of varying complexities.
  • For parents and teachers: Ability to create worksheets with passcode to lock the worksheet mode until completion.
  • Report Summary with history of completed worksheet assignments and marks scored.
  • Detailed report of finished worksheet to analyze the problems which can be done better. These archived reports can be later viewed through report summary.