Dot Adventure

Fun puzzle for kids to connect the dots and create wonderful pictures from huge collection of educative images !!!

Dot Adventure provides easy to draw images in the form of dots. These dots are incrementally numbered. Preschoolers can count these numbers and connect these dots by dragging lines between successive numbers. This will help them to count and learn the numbers in an inspiring way.

After traveling through the adventurous journey of dots, the little adventurers are awarded with sparkle-showers and their drawings turn into stunning pictures. This assures perfect joy and great learning experience to Kindergartners.

Dot Adventure contains 54 free levels from kids friendly and educative themes. Kids can have fun with these free collections of pictures, for a long time without the need for purchase. More themes can be purchased for extended thrill and excitement.

Dot Adventure is an intuitive platform to learn about numbers, our environment and correlate the images with real life creatures and objects through 12 educational themes:

Open Exhibit
  • Shapes
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Plants
  • Trees
  • Flowers

Fun Pack-1

  • Farm Animals
  • Wild Animals
  • Sea Animals
  • Insects
  • Birds
  • Human Body

Special Features

  • Exciting levels are nicely organized into categories in the increasing order of complexity for progressive learning.
  • Each level is designed with care to follow the actual drawing of the associated object and provide easy practice for hands-on drawing.
  • Kids can connect the dots by either dragging the finger to successive dot or simply tapping on it. As the child progresses, the next dot lights up.
  • The pictures, sounds and music are designed by keeping children’s liking in mind, for maximum learning and fun.